Posted on 02 Jul 2021

Where is the best snow skiing at Christmas?

Every year, around this time, the hunt begins. No, we aren’t talking about deer hunting season (though that hunt has also begun) or bargain-hunting time. Instead, this is an even more important hunt (insert a dramatic pause or CSI theme song). 

It’s the hunt for the answer to the age-old question: where is the best snow for skiing at Christmas?

Christmas Snow

Excited novice ski vacationers usually spend this time of year, consulting the Farmer’s Almanac, shaking their magic 8-ball, obsessively scrolling through their weather app, sacrificing old skis to the Ullr snow god (yes, it really is a thing! - see our past sacrifice) and texting all of their friends to ask, “How was the snow at xyz ski resort last winter?” before they’re comfortable choosing where they’ll spend their winter break.

And by the time they get a lukewarm reassurance coupled with warnings of unpredictable December snow conditions at a specific spot, it’s almost too late! Houses are reserved, flights are full and the probability of going anywhere at a reasonable price or staying anywhere that isn’t dodgy gets less and less likely.

Savvy skiers know better. 

What do they know that most travelers don’t? They know that their friends and local weather reporters are about as likely to predict good ski conditions as they are to predict the winning Powerball numbers or the future habits of a groundhog. 

Instead, savvy skiers get their winter snow advice from those meteorologists who can rattle off the ideal wind patterns for creating the best snow conditions, those who know the temperature of the South Pacific at any given moment or the direction of the polar jet stream and how those events historically affect snow conditions. 

Savvy skiers get their information from those who are part meteorologist, part history buff and all powder hound. and are two such examples. And, while no one can guarantee storm specifics 3 months in advance, they just released their 2019/2020 predictions for the best (and most reliable) snow for skiing this Christmas.

Their top 3 ranked resorts for the best snow in December  (out of 15)

  1. Alta (overall December snow score: 99%)

  2. Steamboat (overall December snow score: 95.9%)

  3. Beaver Creek (overall December snow score: 73.8%)

If you’ve already reserved one of these resorts for your winter break, then wax your boards and pat yourself on the back for your prediction capabilities. If you’re still waiting for your magic 8-ball or your coworker to get back to you on their recommendations, stop waiting and start reserving. 

We have homes in Steamboat, Vail and Beaver Creek waiting to welcome you. No ULLR sacrifices required. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to skiing in December or 8 ways to make your Colorado Christmas more memorable, check out our skier savvy travel articles, or, better yet, stay in the know by subscribing to our Moving Mountains newsletter. You’ll never miss out on another epic ski season, again.

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Best Christmas Snow



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