Posted on 19 Mar 2019

Top 4 Reasons to Reserve Your next Steamboat Ski Vacation Now!

The 2018/19 season has brought a whopping 27 feet of snow to the summit. We?ll pretty much be on our skis until they drag us off the hill in April. Since our ski days are rapidly diminishing, we?re already dreaming of next year, and you should be, too!

While booking your ski trip for 2019/20 might feel about as timely as playing holiday music in September, here are 4 good reasons to book next winter?s ski trip right now. 

4 Reasons to reserve your 2019/20 ski vacation today:

1. With the snow increases, demand increases. ?

Everyone has enjoyed Mother Nature?s bounty this year and are ready to repeat. We already have quite a few families inquiring about next year?s availability. Don?t wait until you?re in snow mode next year, because of this increased demand, it might be too late. ?

The Olympian | Moving Mountains

2. You can get the best rate on an IKON Pass (prices go up on April 24, 2019).?

The IKON Pass from Alterra Mountain Company is a game-changer for the winters. Never have so many incredible ski resorts been so accessible on one pass. With the new IKON Pass, you have access to 38 ski resorts, including unlimited skiing at Steamboat. With day ski passes at $199/day and an Ikon Pass at just $949 if you reserve right now, it pays significantly to go with the Ikon pass. You can reserve your pass with a small down payment. Plus, if you had the IKON Pass this year, you save by renewing for next year. You can just pocket the lift ticket savings or upgrade guilt-free to an unforgettable Moving Mountains experience.?

Ikon Pass | Moving Mountains

3. You get the best rates and the best dates ?

Not only do you get the best rate if you book early, but you also are more likely to be able to reserve your chosen dates. No more having to arrive on an odd day to make room for your reservation, you get carte blanche for vacation dates. With your early booking savings, you can splurge on our private chef options, enjoy a welcome massage or just rest easy that you won?t have to pay a premium for last minute availability.?

Lookout Lodge | Moving Mountains


4. You have first dibs on your favorite chalet

It happens all the time, you find your ideal chalet and are ready to book, and then find out it?s not available. You try to rework the plane tickets, the school schedule, but nothing matches up. You end up staying with another company only to be disappointed. Since we are not a cookie-cutter corporate kind of operation, our chalets are genuinely one-of-a-kind, and prime dates sell out quickly. When you book early, you get the crème de la crème of chalet choices. ?

Direct Flights | Moving Mountains


With direct flights from 14 major cities and connections throughout the US and beyond, Steamboat is still one of the most accessible ski resorts in North America. The airport is just 30 minutes from downtown Steamboat so your ski vacation can start sooner than ever!

Get started on your 2019/20 vacation today and save!

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