Posted on 11 Sep 2019

Celebrating Hanukkah in Steamboat, Vail or Beaver Creek


Will you be celebrating Hanukkah in Steamboat, Vail or Beaver Creek this December? 

With Hanukkah falling later in the month of December, we know that many of our winter holiday guests will be observing the festival of lights far away from home. 

It?s always an honor and a privilege for us to move mountains for our visitors, no matter what the occasion is, but holiday celebrations are certainly a favorite of ours!

Here are 5 ways we can help you keep with Hanukkah traditions while you?re on a ski vacation.

1) Need a menorah while on vacation?

If you?d rather not trust a family heirloom to the airlines or navigate TSA requirements, we can receive packages shipped from home to us ahead of time. If you?re packing your own, but need a few extra candles, we can easily accommodate. If you?d rather avoid any and all traveling menorah hassles, just let our guest services staff know, and we will have a menorah set up and waiting for you upon arrival. 

2) Want to attend religious services or Jewish community events?

Both the Jewish congregations of Steamboat and Vail host community events and celebrations during Hanukkah. Steamboat?s Har Mishpacha community is located on Oak Street in downtown Steamboat Springs. Check their website for the most current events calendar.

Our private on-call shuttle service will take you door-to-door for daytime or evening events and services. The annual lighting of local Steamboat artist, Lance Whitner?s, colorful outdoor large-scale menorah is always a favorite community gathering.

In Vail, the B?nai Vail congregation gathers at Vail?s Interfaith Chapel for Shabbat services. Side note, during the warmer months, Saturday morning Shabbat services take full advantage of the gorgeous mountain setting and are held creekside near the chapel. 

Chabad Jewish Center of Vail also hosts Shabbat services and a variety of other Jewish community social and educational events at their location in Lionshead. 

All of these warm communities in Vail, Beaver Creek and Steamboat love welcoming new friends from all over the world to their services and gatherings. 

3) R Dreideleady for a game of Dreidel?

Our luxury ski vacation rental homes have ample room and plenty of surfaces for spinning a Dreidel. And if the laughter, fun and screen-free gamers want to try their hand at other games

such as pool, cards, Monopoly, backgammon or any other board game, those amenities are at most of our ski vacation homes, as well. 

4) Need to keep kosher on your Colorado ski vacation?

For our Vail and Beaver Creek guests, Kosher Vail offers grab and go kosher meals for on and off the slopes. Order 24 hours in advance and the kosher chef will prepare anything from schnitzel or spaghetti to brisket and burgers. Our on-call private shuttle service can make it easy to pick up your prepared meal from Kosher Vail. Kosher Vail also has delivery services.

??In Steamboat and Vail, guests who would like to keep kosher during their vacation can book our Luxury Catered Chalet packages. We can transform our luxury ski chalets into kosher kitchens, as needed. For past guests, who needed to keep kosher, we?ve brought in new dishware, prepared all food according to Jewish law and had every delicious morsel blessed by a Rabbi. ??

5) Need to know what?s open in Steamboat, Vail or Beaver Creek on December 25th?

While some businesses may be closed, many in our Colorado resort towns are open. Everything on the ski mountains will be running as usual, plus our guest services staff can make lunch or dinner reservations for your family at any of the top spots that are open on Christmas. Don?t waste a minute of your vacation searching for what?s available on Google; we will help you plan now so that you can play later!

May all of our guests be blessed with joy, peace, happiness (and plenty of powder!) this Hanukkah. ??Please let us know how we can move mountains for you and your family this holiday season.


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Hanukkah on Ski Vacation






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